Nursery Activity Idea #30 - Making 3D Spiders

More suited to older children, but younger children will need support assembling the little spiders.

Cut out the egg shapes of a cardboard egg box, turn them over and paint them black. Once the paint has dried make holes in the sides and insert black pipe cleaners through to the holes on the opposite side for legs. Bend the legs into shape and glue on some googly eyes.

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3 Comments to “Making 3D Spiders”

susan dobson
Sun 7th Mar 10

enoyed looking at this sight :) its good to be able to find new ideas and old ones that jog the memory :)

thank you..all of this ideas was verry good..i look foward to do this with my kids…

Sat 9th Jun 12

This is a fantastic simple and easy activity for children, i have tried it and it was fab! Going to try it with a group of children next week

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