Nursery Activity Idea #328 - Sensory Porridge Oat Playdough

Porridge oats add a different texture to a simple activity of playdough that children of all ages can enjoy.

You will need:

  • Water
  • Flour
  • Food Colouring
  • Porridge oats
  • Bowl


To make the playdough pour a few drops of food colouring into a jug of water. Pour some flour into a bowl and gradually stir in the water, if the colour of the flour looks too pale add some more food colouring to the mixture. If the mixture is too dry and does not combine, add some more water, and if it is too wet or sticky add more flour. Kneed the mixture with your hands so that the playdough is fully coloured and no longer sticky, and you have a nice consistency to the dough.

Once the dough has been made kneed the Porridge oats into the dough until you get the desired effect. The children can now play and mould their dough to make their own creations.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Creative development
  • Physical development
  • Personal and Social development

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5 Comments to “Sensory Porridge Oat Playdough”

Sat 19th Nov 11

hi there
i am a student currently studying childcare and i am on placement in a nursery and i have been using this website for activity ideas as there are great ideas on here .. however i am finding it hard to link some of the activities to the curriculum for excellence scotland and was wondering if you had any idea which area this one came under? x

Nursery Activity Ideas
Mon 21st Nov 11

Jade-Amber – Thank you for your comment, I am sorry but I am not very familiar with the curriculum for excellence Scotland. If any other readers know the answer to this please leave a comment below. Thank you.

I’m going to try this with my under 1’s as part of their messy play activities.
I would think that this messy play would come under Expressive arts in the Curriculum for Excellence and/or Respect under the birth – 3yr framework in Scotland.

Barbara Harriott
Sun 7th Jul 13

I would suggest adding a little oil it makes the dough supple but yes is great. Ibeleive that children would enjoy using this.

mahesha senanayake
Sat 14th Dec 13

this is a really good idea as you can make this play with children as an activity. you do not need to heat this dough.Easy to make and give fun as well as a improving their PD, PSE and CL.

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