Nursery Activity Idea #101 - Planting seeds

This is a fun activity for children to make their own decisions, or to gain and display their knowledge and understanding of how plants grow.

In a small group activity provide each child with a sticky label for them to write their name on and stick this onto a clear plastic cup. The clear plastic cups allow the children to observe their seeds and roots growing.

Give the children a tray filled with compost and a few choices of seeds. The children can place the compost into their cups and press it down, place ontop a few seeds of their choice and then add more compost.

Children can place their seeds in a warm place, water them and watch them grow.

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3 Comments to “Planting seeds”

I think this activity is great for children to learn. Children will fisnd it very interesting.

This is a wonderfull idea, I carried out this activity and my children enjoyed it alot problem is the plants are getting large. But overall a brilliant activity.

karen best
Sun 11th Mar 12

i think its simple enough for nursery age

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