Vase Of Flowers Birthday Chart

A pretty way of displaying childrens’ birthdays, that they can help to create.

Draw and cut out a large vase and give it to a group of children to decorate using their own choices of colours and materials.

Cut out long stems for the flowers and ask each child to decorate theirs in green using a range of materials.

Then cut out large flowers and again the children can decorate these how they wish.

Once they have all dried attach the flowers to the stems and stick them to the back of the vase. Take a photo of the childs face, cut it out and place it in the centre of the flower, write their name on the petals and their birthday on the stem of the flower.

Alternatively, if you would prefer or have a large group of children, make twelve vases one for each month, label the vase with the month name and write the child’s birth date on the stem of their flower as above.

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