Make A Fireworks Picture

Fun activity to create a variety of firework colour patterns, more suited to older children.

To create these bonfire night pictures, place a large blob of paint onto a piece of paper. Give the children a straw, blow through the straws to spread the paint into a variety of patterns to create bright and colourful fireworks.

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4 thoughts on “Make A Fireworks Picture

  1. I would only use this activity with children aged from 3 to 5 depending on their ability, as younger children may suck the paint up the straw. To further prevent this from happening do not put the straws into the paint, instead hold them close to the paint.

  2. To prevent young children swallowing the paint all you have to do is make a very tiny snip (with scissors) half way up the straw. If a child sucks instead of blows, this allows the paint to flow out of the straw. Of course, if anyone is going to suck ‘hard’ the snip won’t cope, but on the whole, it’s always worked for the odd child that sucks instead of blows down the straw. With adults on hand watching they can always ‘whip’ the straw away if they see this about to happen.

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