Make A Hot Air Balloon

Fun activity for older children, look colourful hanging from the ceiling.

Blow up a round balloon and as a group get the children to paper mache’ around the balloon. Do several layers so that it is able to support itself once the balloon has popped. Once the paper mache’ is dry paint the balloon. While the balloon is drying decorate some plastic cups and make holes in the top, attaching three or four pieces of sting. Once the balloon has dried, pop the balloon inside and either glue or make holes in the balloon to attach the strings from the basket.

3 thoughts on “Make A Hot Air Balloon

  1. A general comment. It would be really useful to see a photograph of these crafts made. I was looking at the Robin craft and not seeing a picture of what it should look like made it very confusing.

    An excellent site though

  2. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of these activities at the moment, but it is something I will be looking into adding to the site.

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