Make A Sun Collage

Effective as part of a weather or summer display, that all children can help to make.

Cut out a large circle of card and either paint or sponge paint it using yellow paint. Get all the children to make their handprints in yellow paint onto a seperate piece of card or paper. Once they have dried cut out the handprints and glue around the yellow sun.

6 thoughts on “Make A Sun Collage

  1. I like this activity because every child can be envolved. I will try to do this in the classroom with the children.

  2. I really like this idea, I was having trouble thinking of something to do with the babies i look after, but i think this should be fun for them to do.

  3. Its really a good idea in this way every child will be interested to do the activity and get a good knowledge as well

  4. This is a great idea. We have decided to make a sunflower instead of a sun and then we can add lots of colourful insects around it.

  5. i like creative activities experimenting every day in nursery because helps children being imaginative and every one can involve in the activity

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