Muddy Welly Foot Prints

This activity can be done with any child who is able to walk, however the activity is more suited and will be more enjoyable for children over the age of two.

You will need:

  • Earth and water OR
  • Brown paint
  • Large sheets of paper


This activity is better done outside, however if that is not possible it can be done on lino flooring. Tape the large sheets of paper to the floor. Either mix the earth with some water to make mud, or use brown paint and place in a large flat tray.

Ask the children to put their wellies on then to place both feet into the tray of mud or paint. Allow the children to walk across the paper freely to leave their foot prints. Once finished children can step into another tray of soapy water to wash their wellies.

The paper can either be used as a wall display or each individual foot print cut out to make a display.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Creative development

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