Make Your Own Crocodile Teeth Chart

This is a simple and colourful display, for the children to show how many teeth they have.

You will need:

  • Large pieces of plain paper
  • Paints or crayons
  • Card
  • Wool
  • Camera


On a large piece of paper draw a crocodile with its mouth open with one tooth for each child in the group. In a group the children can either paint or colour the crocodile, then attach the crocodile to the wall. Next, using the card draw and cut out one large tooth for each child in the group. Take a picture of the child’s face smiling, cut it out and glue it onto the tooth. Underneath the photo write, “I am (name) and I have (number) teeth”. Attach the child’s tooth to the wall near the crocodiles mouth and join their tooth with a tooth in the crocodiles mouth with a small length of wool.

If completing this activity with older children you could give them a mirror so they can look at and count their own teeth. They could also write their names and the number of teeth they have on the tooth themselves.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Personal and Social development

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Crocodile Teeth Chart

  1. hello! well yr activity is wonderfull,but there should be a picture of this activity/child,s work…
    Hope you wo’nt mind sa suggestion.

  2. Amna – Thank you for your comment, and suggestion. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of the activities at the moment, but it is something we are looking at adding to the site.

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