Baked Bean Play

Children of all ages will have fun participating in this simple and easy to set up messy activity.

You will need:

  • Tins of baked beans
  • Various toys such as:
  • Tea set
  • Mega blocks
  • Stacking cups
  • Range of containers


Pour the Beans onto the table or into an activity tray. Allow the children to get messy, using a range of senses to explore the smell and texture of the beans for example with the assistance of different toys or containers.

When completing this activity with children over the age of two you could discuss with the children the feel of the beans and smell etc.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Personal and Social development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Physical development

One thought on “Baked Bean Play

  1. I used to do this when I worked in a Nursery Class.

    They loved it and so did I. I love messy play and you can also include the children in tidying up messy play as it still can be fun and educational to do so 🙂

    Great activity!!

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