Cornflour Play

Children of all ages will enjoy this messy activity.

Pour some corn flour into a bowl and mix it with water until it becomes thick, so you can still pour it but feels solid under pressure. Pour the cornflour onto the table and allow the children to explore the texture of the mixture.

Different toys can be added for the children to play with in the cornflour such as megablocks, cars or animals.

A small amount of food colouring or essenses can also be added to the water when mixing the cornflour.

13 thoughts on “Cornflour Play

  1. Great idea. So simple and easy to do. I gave my toddler a few different sized bowls as well. A happy, messy 30 minutes!

  2. corn flour is awesome, and the best part is it’s so messy, the kids at my nursery love it, but i think i like it more!

  3. I love cornflour! The children were I work love it too! When i was given the job at college of putting together a dummy nursery with some other girls we had to show two activities and I just made bucket loads of cornflour! the tutuors comments were bex your activities were great and the fact that you yourself were playing with them when we walked in to look around was great! That must have been horrible for you getting that messy and my response was I BEG TO DIFFER I LOVED IT!!! X

  4. we use cornflour to make pictures using black paper get kids to drip cornflour on to paper then when dry remove the cornflour and you are left with great patterns

  5. Children love this, very therapeutic, has been used in hospitals a lot for sick children.

  6. Its a great activity and kids will play with it for hours. Its very messy, but not too difficult to clean up!

  7. I do not agree with this activity.
    My grandson who is not quite two yet may have asthma but cannot be tested for it until the age of five.
    Everytime he takes part in this activity he does nothing but cough and this goes on for several days. His poor lungs must be full of this powder. He coughs all day and night i feel so sorry for him.
    Is this sopmething all nursery do ?

  8. @John – Many thanks or your comment. I am sorry to hear about your grandson.

    All nurseries are different and each may or may not use this activity as per their own play policies. The cornflour should be mixed thoroughly with the water before the child is allowed to play with it so there shouldn’t normally be an issue with cornflour dust so long as the children are kept away from the solution whilst it is being prepared.

    There are possible alternatives to cornflour although nothing is quite as good as that. Starchy powders should suffice so potato flour (or possibly potato flakes), rice flour or tapioca flour may have a similar outcome. You’d need to use some trial and error to find something that works to a similar extent as cornflour and water.

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