Snow Play

If you are lucky enough to have some snow this simple messy play activity is very enjoyable for children of all ages.

You will need:

  • Buckets
  • Spades
  • Water tray


Take the children into the garden to play in the snow, providing them with a variety of buckets and spades to use and experiment with. Collect some of the snow and take it inside, putting it in a water tray. Children can play with it indoors and watch it melt. Talking to the children as they play about the texture, temperature and melting process will building upon their knowledge and understanding.

If the weather it too cold or the outdoor area is not accessible, snow can be taken inside in a water tray for children to play with. This can be fun and enjoyable for babies and young children who would not be able to access the outdoor play area.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Personal and Social development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Physical development

3 thoughts on “Snow Play

  1. Amazing activity! The language the children came out with was fantastic and they thoroughlt enjoyed. The skills they practiced during the activity were endless! We took loads of pictures and the children enjoyed talking about these with their peers.

  2. i think is very fun for children this sort of age they wll ceratianeley learn something as well as getting creative

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