Make Your Own Hurdles

This very simple fun activity is suitable for older children to prepare themselves and make their own challenges.

You will need:

  • Flower pots or buckets in a range of sizes
  • Bamboo cane


Place the flower pots or buckets on the ground resting the bamboo pole across the top of them. Children can then jump from standing or run and jump over the hurdle. Encourage the children to experiment themselves with how they jump over them and how high the hurdles are off the floor. As the children complete this activity talk to them about safety, for example ensure the bamboo cane is balanced on the top of the bucket so if the children bump the bamboo cane as they jump it will fall off. This way children can be encouraged to be independent, creating their own challenges while also considering their own safety.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Physical development
  • Personal and Social development

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