Make Your Own Outdoor Wooden Musical Instrument

Children of all ages can enjoy playing with the outdoor wooden musical instrument, which can also be takes inside for them to enjoy.

You will need:

  • Strong, thick string
  • Wooden tubes from a wind chime
  • Small pieces of foam
  • Small drum sticks or beaters


Thread the string through the holes of the wooden wind chime tube. Tie the first tube to the string so that it will not fall off, leaving enough string at the end to tie to the fence. Next thread a small piece of foam onto the string (alternatively use a large bead or similar item, or tie each tube onto the string with a space between them) to stop the tubes from touching, then thread the second tube onto the string. Continue this until you get to your desired size. Tie the last tube onto the string, leaving enough string at the end to tie to the fence.

Once completed, tie the two ends of string to the fence or between two other fixed points. Give the children sticks, or small drum sticks or beaters to hit the tubes to create their music.

The instrument can be fixed to the fence permanently or tied so that it can be taken down and moved indoors for example.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Creative development
  • Physical development

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