Making Outdoor Nature Pictures

This is a fun and simple creative activity for children over the age of two, which can be completed indoors or outdoors.

You will need:

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Acorns
  • Conkers
  • Any other natural objects you can find


Take the children into the garden and collect any fallen leaves, twigs, acorns, or conkers etc depending on the season. Put all the collected items in a pile and then let the children arrange the items on the floor to make their own collage pictures. Once they have completed their picture they can take it apart and start again. This activity can also be completed indoors.

When collecting items you can discuss with the children what they are, or about the seasons for example depending on their age and ability. You could also take pictures of the children completing this activity to be used as part of a display.

Team work and sharing can also be encouraged during this activity as all children will have to compile and share the items. They could also work as one large or several smaller groups to plan and create larger group pictures.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Creative development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Personal and Social development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

One thought on “Making Outdoor Nature Pictures

  1. Play with natural materials outdoors is refreshing and exciting for many young children. The sounds and sensations of outdoor play last a lifetime. I still recall with pleasure, holding mum’s hand whilst we crunched our way through a palette of crispy Autumn leaves on the way home from nursery school.

    Margaret Simms M.Ed., Cert. Ed. is an early years and childcare consultant.
    You can visit her website at

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