Outdoor Colour Hunt Game

This is a fun and simple way for children over the age of two to learn their colours.

You will need:

  • Balls in different colours
  • Hoops in different colours


Scatter the different coloured balls and hoops around the garden and line the children up by the wall or fence. Call out several children’s names and ask them to find something red for example. The children can then run off on a hunt for something red. Alter this by asking children to search for specific objects such as a green hoop etc.

Children could also run in circles around the garden as you call out their names and objects. This may be slightly more difficult as children will have to multi-task and listen more carefully to the instructions.

Depending on the age and abilities of the children the game can be made more complicated by adding more colours, incorporating shapes or more objects into the hunt.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Physical development
  • Mathematical development
  • Language Literacy and Communication skills

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Colour Hunt Game

  1. A very simple activity but one that children could gain quite a lot out of, i think this one will get some use soon.

  2. Very good activity for me as a nursery nurse to be able to carry out with the children I work with to teach them the colours x

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