Bathing Dolls Role Play

A combination of role play and messy play that all children can enjoy participating in.

Fill a baby bath with warm water and provide the children with a number of dolls they can bath, using a sponge and then drying them with a towel.

To extend the activity further, considering childrens’ allergies or skin conditions, fill the baby bath with bubbles and give the children a bar of soap and baby shampoo to wash the dolls.

During this activity children will be able to display their knowledge whilst talking about their own hygiene requirements. This is also a good time to link in the nursery routine, discussing why and when we wash our hands for example.

As an extension to this activity, children can practice washing their hands with an adult who also takes part to refresh childrens knowledge on the correct way of washing their hands and the reasons for doing this.

3 thoughts on “Bathing Dolls Role Play

  1. I did this activity during my college course and it worked fantastic. Linking it to childrens hygiene was a brilliant way to help children understand the importance of their own peronal hygiene.

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