Circus Dressing Up Role Play

This imaginative play activity is suitable for children over the age of two, where they can create their own circus.

You will need:

  • Various size dressing up clothes in bright colours
  • Different colours and styles of wigs
  • Glasses
  • Bright hats in various sizes
  • Shoes in different sizes
  • Pictures of the circus
  • Mirror


In the role play corner place lots of different pictures of the circus and their costumes. Provide the children with a range of bright coloured clothes, hats and wigs for example, to try on, and look at themselves in the mirror. The older children can use these costumes to create their own circus show during imaginative role play. If completing this activity with older children, you could also use face paints to add to their play.

This can be a good activity to encourage younger children to make decisions, and to practice their fine motor skills when getting dressed by doing up buttons, zips and laces for example.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Physical development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Personal and Social development

3 thoughts on “Circus Dressing Up Role Play

  1. grt activity indeed..especially fr growing kidz…it will help them use their hands to do different tasks and learning will be long lasting

  2. This activity will help them to develop their social skill. They will be conscious of their dressing, which can help their social development

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