Dressing Up Role Play

This is a fun role play activity for older children to help develop communication and personal and social skills.

Provide the children with a range of different clothes, to suit all seasons, sizes and which represent their favourite characters. Also include in the dressing up box a variety of hats, gloves, scarves, bags, glasses and shoes for the children to try on. Also provide the children with a large full length mirror so that they are able to see themselves in the clothes.

This activity can encourage children’s independence, to change their clothes themselves with support and encouragement from an adult and other children. It also encourages children to make their own decisions and talk about their choices with other children or an adult. Children’s fine motor skills will also be developed through doing up their own buttons, zips or laces etc.

3 thoughts on “Dressing Up Role Play

  1. Thanks very much for this site. I am just learning about early years and the activities here have been educative and informative enough for me to understand and teach my children at home. You are my ‘second teacher’ in nursery activities!

  2. thank you very much your help whilst i read this page i have been learning a lot of thing and understanding about it.

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