Green Grocer Role Play Activity

A fun role play activity for children over the age of two, that will help increase their familiarity with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

You will need:

  • Table
  • Chair
  • Storage baskets
  • Shopping baskets and trolleys
  • Tills
  • Play Money
  • Luminous card stars
  • Cloth or paper bags
  • Different Fruits and Vegetables


Purchase a wide range of fruits and vegetables for the children to play with, try to buy some unusual items that children may not be familiar with.

Before carrying out the role play activity with the children, let them guess the names of the items and tell them any they do not know. You could also discuss where these items grow. As a group prepare the fruits and vegetables for eating and cut them into small pieces for the children to try them, discussing the tastes, their likes and dislikes.

Place a chair at a rectangle table and a till on top, along with the shopping baskets. Place all the fruits and vegetables into the storage baskets and arrange in front of the table. Using the luminous card stars write the names of the items and the price in pen and stick to the baskets. Children could also write out their own price labels. Finally give the children the play money so they can go shopping.

This role play activity can also be used alongside the home corner or other role play and dressing up areas. While the children play introduce them to the language of money, such as pence, pounds and change.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Mathematical development
  • Personal and Social development

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  1. Thanks for the info on role play activities, its great simple to read and implement. With the every increasing amount of paperwork, this site has it ready to go
    Again huge thanks

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