Opticians Role Play

This is a fun activity for children between three to five, to gain an understanding of what opticians do and helps their understanding of why people wear glasses.

Read the children stories about visiting the opticians, if you or any of the children in the room have glasses or have visited an opticians share your experiences in circle time activities.

Convert your role play area into an Opticians by placing a table for a reception desk with pencils an appointment book, leaflets and appointment cards. Have a number of chairs set out as a waiting area.

Have another chair for the children to sit in when they are having their eyes tested. On the wall put up an eye sight?alphabet chart,?price lists and a number of posters showing different people wearing glasses. Also include on a small shelf, table or glasses stand if you are able to get one , a variety of glasses. The glasses should be different shapes and sizes, with either plastic clear lenses or just the frames. A variety of childrens’ sun glasses can also be displayed for the children to look at and try on. Provide a mirror for the children to see what the glasses look like.

One thought on “Opticians Role Play

  1. this idea is very good we have tried this in our setting with children aged 18 months to just under 2 and it has helped them understand more about wearing glasses.
    it is best if you get a range of glasses all differnet shapes and sizes you can go in to any opticians near you and ask for them. we also picked up leaflets and forms for the children to pretend they was helping the other children to choose their glasses this introduces mark making in to your activity. This helped the children understand me as i wear glasses. i would recommend this activity to any one who needs a good role play activity to do.

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