Winter Shop Role Play

Children will enjoy this role play activity, drawing upon their experiences and imagination.

Set aside an area of the room for this activity. Place a table and some chairs as a desk with a till and some play money. On another table or shelves place a number of different winter objects, such as, wellies, hats, gloves, scarves, small spades, snow sledge, and snow man soft toys etc.

Use large stars to price the items and as a group make winter pictures and posters to be hung up in the shop.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Shop Role Play

  1. This is such a simple idea but I’m sure very effective at teaching children about the differences of the seasons and what we need when it’s cold, along with introducing money.If the setting was large enough the shop could remain throughout the year but the clothing, accessories & decor could change according to the season. I’d love to try it just need to convince my co workers.

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