Making A Sensory Board

An activity suitable for younger children to explore different textures, and senses.

Get a thin board of wood, ensuring it’s smooth, and glue onto it various switches e.g. different sized light switches, buttons, door knockers etc. Also glue on different shapes, colours and textures of carpets, wools and other fabrics, also ribbons, wool and string hanging off the board for the children to explore. Different shapes of plastic mirrors and reflective materials can also be attached.

Either attach the completed board onto a wall or use whilst it is placed flat onto the floor.

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3 thoughts on “Making A Sensory Board

  1. This idea sounds fantastic. i am really keen to try it out in my setting. However I do have one question does it conform and link with the new pre birth to three guidelines as i have found a few things i have tried we are no longer allowed to do?

  2. Claire: Thank you for your comment. Sorry I am not aware of the new pre birth to three matters guidelines to help you further. If anyone is able to help, please post a comment below. Thank you.

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