Make Your Own Sensory Bottles

This sensory activity is suitable for babies and children under two, to add different sensory aspects to their play.

Fill some small pop or water bottles to different levels with rice, buttons, multi-coloured beads, small animals, foam shapes, coloured water, glitter water etc. Once filled glue the lids back onto the bottles and leave to dry, ensuring the lids are securely sealed before giving to the children.

The objects should be of different sizes and colours so that when the children shake them they make a variety of different sounds. The bottles will also be a different weight and will all have a variety of different bright colours for the children to look at and explore as the objects move within the bottles.

These could be used or adapted for older children for use within music making or mathematical activities, such as colours, shapes or simple volume or weight.

16 thoughts on “Make Your Own Sensory Bottles

  1. The kids just love the sensory bottles and they are just amaze at the color and the objects inside the bottles. This is a great project for all ages.

  2. i love it!! im doing a level 3 diploma in childcare at the moment and i am using this as an idea for my resource for the children in my work age 1-2. thanks !!!

  3. i love your ideas could i ask some advice i would like to put a quilt in our baby rm(6mnths-1year)and i would like children to paint the cover, do you now what permanantpaint or crayons would be suitable. thanks for any advice

  4. Thank you Maddy. I love that idea, something the children will have great fun creating with you. I have not done this activity myself so I am not sure what paints or crayons you could use sorry. If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment by filling in the box below.

  5. I have just had a look around the internet for fabric crayons, Berol make some. Once you have drawn on the fabric all you need to do is iron it on a low heat to fix the colours. The quilt would then be hand washed. Their website does not state an age suitability, so you should check this with the manufacturers before using them.

  6. I am really like it .but I want some more information about compare shapes and volume.I am a nursery teacher .I want to know how to explain about shape and volume and some activities.I would like to ask you to help me.thank you!

  7. Hey, im currently studying for my BTEC national diploma in childcare, this would be a great activity to use with me 0-2’s, im just wondering what area of development this would come under.

    Any ideas of which area i can use? Thanks

  8. Jess: For the age group you are working with this activity would mainly cover the personal and social area of development. However it can also be suitable to cover other areas of learning.

  9. Nat: For children in this age range I would adapt this activity slightly. For example, let the children choose the objects to put inside to make their own musical instruments, and experiment with the different sounds they make.
    You could also fill the bottles with water as an activity to teach early volume. Alternatively use the bottles to teach early weight and other mathematical topics such as colours and shapes.
    Have a look at “make sensory bottle weights” and “making sensory water bottles” for more details and ideas.

  10. As an early childhood teacher I explore with many sensory activities. Some more ideas you can post include:

    play with three dabs of whipped cream and gradually add diferent colors of food coloring. We explore diferent colores and the cool texture.

    using cookie cutters, help the babies cut fun shapes into harden gelatin. We can explore shapes, color, texture and taste.

    with vanilla pudding, crushed oreo cookies and small plastic farm animales, pigs, horses, etc. you make a small plate size mud bath so the babies can let there imagination run, letting there animals get messy. We explore diferent textures, colors, animal names, sounds and taste.

    we cook noodles, of diferent sizes, or even shapes for bigger kids, with diferent color food coloring, let cool later we explore texture, colores sizes and shapes.

  11. we have these in my setting and encouraged the children to fill the bottles themselves. (only with the appropriate materials/supervision) the really enjoyed it and the bottles are great for the age range

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