Make Your Own Shooting Star

This is a simple and colourful, space themed collage for children of all ages.

You will need:

  • Thin white card
  • Glue
  • Yellow glitter
  • Yellow paint
  • Yellow pens, pencils and crayons
  • A range of yellow collage materials
  • Scissors
  • String or cotton


Provide each child with a cut out card template of a shooting star. Allow children to choose how they will decorate their star using the materials provided. If completing this activity with older children encourage them to cut their collage material themselves to suit their own needs. Also with young children you may want to choose one method of decoration such as painting or glittering, or offering a more limited choice, depending on the ages and abilities of the children.

Once the stars are finished, make a small hole in the top to thread and tie a piece of string or cotton, then hang the stars from the ceiling, to create a space or night sky display.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Creative development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Physical development
  • Personal and Social development

10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Shooting Star

  1. i made these shooting stars and the children really enjoyed it. The shooting stars look wonderful and are on display

  2. I love the idea since my pre-school is called little stars academy!!!! i’ll use it for my birthday chart and will put pics of the children so that those who haven’t started reading will enjoy it as well…….thanks a ton

  3. sounds interesting and children will get attracted to do this activity
    thanks aa million for this idea.

  4. I enjoyed doing this activity with the children, we made the shooting stars which the children, enjoyed making. They are displayed in the nursery and look lovely , thank you .

  5. @Jas – You are very welcome. We’re glad you had fun making these and that they have ended up in a display!

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