School Teacher Visiting The Nursery

This can help children through the unsettling transition from their familiar nursery setting into a school environment.

You will need:

  • No resources needed


This activity involves inviting the teacher from the children’s new school into the nursery setting for a visit. This may be more practical and feasible if the nursery offers wrap around care to a local school.
Invite the teacher to the setting and introduce them to the children and let them tell the children about their new school. Allow the teacher to get involved in your activities and move around groups of children talking to them and joining in their play activities. The teacher could also carry out their own choice of activity or read a story to the children before they leave.

This can help children become familiar with their teacher within their own setting, which in turn could help them feel more comfortable and settled when they start school.

Areas of learning covered:

  • Personal and Social development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills

3 thoughts on “School Teacher Visiting The Nursery

  1. we use uniform and school clothes in our dress up area and create a role play class room for the children to explore wearing uniforms from the local infants schools ( uniform donated by parents and staff) we find this helps the children in the weeks leading up to the end of the summer term. we are lucky that teachers from all the local schools visit our children.

  2. We already do this at my school and it has proven to be very helpful. The children love having their own teacher come to visit them. We go one further, as the Teaching assistant (me), visits every child in their own home that wants a visit. Children are more themselves in their home setting and it gives you time to get to know them and their parents.

  3. we do all the above but we also visit the school and take photos of all the relevant people and the classroom, toilets ,dinner hall, reception area, toilets, cloakroom, playground/area and most importantly where mum or dad will be at the end of the day. We call them our transition passports and each child has their own individual one. They then get to look at them a discuss with staff or parents during the summer holidays.

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