Transport Survey

Suitable for children aged 4 to 5, helps children to learn their colours and develops their counting skills.

Create a table with four rows and ten columns. Put a picture of a bus, car, bicycle and lorry in the first columns boxes. Photocopy this and give it to the children on a clipboard, along with a colouring pencil.

Depending on the position of your nursery setting, either sit outside the nursery or sit in a suitable place on a bench whilst on a walk. As the children see one of these e.g. a car, they must colour in a box in the row next to the car for example.

To make this more fun for the children, you can all guess what is comming next by the sound it is making, or guess the colour of the next car to pass.

Back at the nursery talk with the children about what they just done, how many cars they seen for example, counting as a group.

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