Tyre Track Patterns

All children will have fun making tyre track patterns.

Give the children a piece of paper and trays of different colour paints and some plastic (easy to wash) toy cars. Roll the wheels through the paint and then roll the car across the paper.

An alternative activity for older children, tape large pieces of paper onto a lino floor and and draw a start and finish line, ask the children to paint their wheels different colours and place their cars on the start line. Each child pushed their car and see who’s rolls the furthest or crosses the finish line.

Children can make up their own games or patterns as a group in this activity.

2 thoughts on “Tyre Track Patterns

  1. i love this site as i have found some lovely ideas to use in my childminding setting. they are simple ideas so the children are able to do the activities but are still learning the 6 areas of the eyfs.

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